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The Cleaver Quarterly tells you everything you wanted to know but never knew to ask about Chinese food.

At any given moment, more people on Earth are eating Chinese food than anything else. They're enjoying flavor combinations that have been field-tested by hundreds of generations of peasants and palace chefs, innkeepers and nomads, fisherfolk and soldiers and daughters-in-law and ingenious beggars.

The Cleaver Quarterly covers Chinese cuisine as a global phenomenon and a lifelong mission. Online and in print, we feature lively longform writing about different types of Chinese food from Beijing to Brasilia, from London to Lagos, and New York to New Delhi. Our goal is to juxtapose Chinese regional cuisines with the diasporic offshoots – to show them as kissing cousins in a sprawling, boisterous family.

If you can eat it and it’s of Chinese origin, it might already be in The Cleaver
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There’s so much to talk about, and all of it is fair game. We have a lot to say about classics like dumplings, dim sum, noodles and the stir-fry dishes gobbled down by people across China every day, but we're just as keen to uncover stories about chifa, chop suey, crab rangoon, fortune cookies, gobi Manchurian – dishes that have served as so many people's first exposure to Chinese food and Chinese culture.

We serve up our findings in the form of long-simmered essays, pungent features, organically sourced reporting, crisp vignettes, scrumptious photo essays and saucy interviews with the people who produce, prepare and pine for Chinese food.

Mouthwatering photography and clever writing
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As readers glimpse the gumption and pageantry in the vast territories just beyond the margins of their local Chinese takeout menu, there’s a hunger to know more.

That's a hunger we aim to feed.